planning and controlling

The corporate planning is one of the most important tasks of management and controlling. Economically planning under minding all your business processes leads to best possible management.

The corporate planning frames a circulation from planning, debit-being comparison for the control system, cost variance analysis and counter-control.

This means there is no indication for required counter-control without this control. The planning is also described as a schedule. A not fixed aim, does not exist and is not going to be reached?

The rating of the different planning sectors is depending on branche of business, economic situation, age of the enterprise and other substantial influence factors:

Marketing mix
Production planning
Procurement planning
Material planning
Manpower planning
Cash planning (short-term financial planning.)
Capital requirements planning (long-term financial planning.)
Planned investment
The above listing represents possible planning and can be changed up your requirements.

Moreover, the business planning forms the base for the pricing of the products and the services.In this case the size of your enterprise is not important. Even if you are in a boom situation. Without planning and controlling long term success is not in your hand. An up-to-date business planning is made by modelling all important processes in computer application. We provide you with most modern an easy to use systems fitted to your requirements.

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