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In science of business economic, liquidity is the ability to settle liabilities in any time and absolutely.

Low liquidity is the most frequent insolvency cause besides low capital resources of one's own or overindebtedness.

A lacking liquidity enters mostly without warning, caused by an insufficient cash planning. Hiding it by serve the most important obligations, not using cash discount possibilities, overdraw credit lines, not paying sales taxe, dispose items below value or pay the employees no longer on time. This leads to higher costs and with that to a worse and worse credit standing and may cause illiquidity insolvency in the end.

A too high liquidity causes profitability losses. Low investments may help to serve all liabilities but also means declineing on interests. In result there is a loss of assets.

The solution is building a liquidity overview, which permanently record and evaluate the current payment events.

So there is a massive support for decisions made every day. In addition with a business planning it is an important basis for negotiations with banks.

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